Put your image on the side of my bot!

My JanusVR bot, MockingBird, will display your image on its screens as it wanders the metaverse.

Currently requires either BitCoin payment, or credit card payment (processed with Stripe).

I will not distribute or contact your email address, though it is processed by Stripe if you pay with card. I reserve the right to remove images without reimbursement for any reason, but will limit it to removing hate speech and other similar stupidity.

If there are multiple banners they are cycled each minute, so you may not be able to see it immediately.

You can find the bot with Party Mode in JanusVR as "Metaverse_Explorer".

$7.50 USD, or the equivalent in BitCoin, will get you 1 week of use.

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Note: Image will be cropped to 16:9 aspect ratio, then resized to 1024x512 for WebVR performance reasons.